What is Transformational Practice?

Simply put, Transformational Practice is collective spiritual practice that a group does to increase its ability to improve the well-being of its surrounding community.

CTP’s founding insight, that the ultimate solution to any social problem must address the problem at its root cause within consciousness applies most importantly to those pursuing the solution. The primacy of consciousness and the principle of starting with oneself applies particularly to groups and movements that come together for the purpose of facilitating broader social change. For groups working for social change, the greater the level of depth of the collective mind, the greater the depth of impact that this group can achieve.

Increasing the depth of the collective conscious (also known as the "social field") of a group will help the group achieve greater cohesion and unification around a common vision. It will also improve collaboration through increasing the group's depth of dialogue, understanding, motivation and commitment. These qualities foster the group’s ability to resolve conflict, embody and communicate a compelling message, and attract collaborators. Anything a group does for the sake of lifting up its social field can be called Transformational Practices.

Some of these ideas have been expressed in a more formal way through the tools and writings offered in this section. As a part of this investigation, CTP also provides meeting space for (
and in some cases in close collaboration with) the social action committees listed under "Organizing Groups".