man writingAt CTP, personal spiritual practice encompasses anything one does regularly and intentionally for the purpose of deepening one's relationship with oneself or the world. CTP strives for an approach that is practical, contemplative, non-sectarian, disciplined and oriented towards letting go of attachment.

The importance of letting go of attachment on a spiritual path links spiritual practice with the practices of living in balance with nature. What we would do to lessen our attachments to the physical world is also what we would do to correct a lifestyle that is over-consuming the planet. Some of the practices that bring together these inner and outer responsibilities cannot be accomplished without a degree of self-restraint. With this in mind, primary CTP practices include not only daily contemplation, mantra practice and collective ritual, but also the ways that we eat and consume resources. 

CTP's openness to different spiritual traditions is based on the belief that the laws that govern the rise and fall of human consciousness transcend the authority of any particular tradition. With this in mind, CTP is committed to embracing all major faith traditions as effective vehicles for achieving a common goal of human liberation. CTP practices draw from Hindu, Christian, Buddhist and Native American Traditions, with a particular inspiration and orientation drawn from the teachings of Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya of Anwalkeda, India.