Earthcare at CTP

At a time when the human race is consuming at a rate that is 1.7 times what the planet can replenish, the fact that the average American consumes five times his or her rightful share constitutes a moral crisis. To respond to this, residents of CTP support the creation of sustainable culture through engaging in sustainable practices.

CTP understands Sustainable Culture to be a culture that encourages its members to consume resources and produce waste at a level that the planet could supply and process indefinitely (even if this level were reached by everyone on the planet) while at the same time engaging in practices which build resilience to threats posed by current global economic and environmental conditions.

Sustainable Practices at CTP include sourcing food and resources locally, permaculture and conventional gardening, engaging in the production of necessities and reducing consumption (particularly of  fossil fuels). These practices are here categorized under the headings of cultivating skills, growing food and conserving resources.