Living at CTP:


CTP is a small residential community with a capacity of seven individuals located on two acres of land on the semi-urban outskirts of downtown White River Junction, Vermont.  Residents of CTP are individuals with an established spiritual practice, a history of environmental practice and engagement, and a desire to live in community.


If you would like to consider living at CTP, please introduce yourself with a letter outlining your relationship with and aspirations regarding earthcare and spiritual practice, and any skills that you may bring to community living. If your are a good match, a conversation will be scheduled with current residents and the residential sub-committee of the board.


Residents live rent-free in exchange for one day of worktrade per week. Residential stay begins with a three-month trial period. Decision making at CTP is consensus-based and residents can expect to be involved in decisions that impact a time frame similar to the projected duration of their stay.