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Simon Dennis is an entrepreneur in the nonprofit sector who has become dedicated to bringing inner transformations such as story change and consciousness shift to the forefront of our work for justice and sustainability. He is the founding director of the Center for Transformational Practice where he practices sustainable living, conducts educational and spiritual programs and networks in the broader region. Prior to this, he founded the Transformational Capacity Project and co-founded COVER Home Repair, Transition Five Villages and Upper Valley Apple Corps.

After spending ten years creating and leading COVER, Simon became deeply inspired by the All World Gayatri Pariwar, an Indian social movement that holds that the new and auspicious era of human history will arrive on the basis of "simple living and high thinking." Following this passion, he spent a year in India writing "Thought Revolution," a book about that movement and the philosophy and vision of it's founder.  Shortly after returning from India, he was elected to the Selectboard in his town of Hartford, Vermont, where he now serves a second term.

His work emphasizes the centrality of the rise and fall of human consciousness in human affairs and the power of collective leadership to imagine and carry out the solutions to the challenges we now confront.