Karl is quirky, silly and usually lots of fun, however he does know how to get things done. He graduated cum laud with a degree in general chemistry from Bloomsburg University in 1992, has spent 7 years as a systems manager of laboratory software for a large pharmaceutical company and later went to grad school for three years at the University of Vermont. Luckily he escaped to become a carpenter.  He has had a strong interest in sustainability, homesteading, permaculture and the environment for over 30 years and is proficient in many skills related to the building and remodeling trades as well as automotive repair, gardening, and teaching.  He is a long time Buddhist practitioner and has maintained a blog on Buddhist teachings and musings since 2010.  http://dharma-4-all-of-us.blogspot.com/  

Humility and the Fixed Sense of Self


When we grow up, we are uncertain who we are, and so we try on different hats. Maybe we tried a fireman's hat, or a cowboys hat or a nurses hat, or any number of other simple identities. We felt compelled to figure out who we should be. We felt compelled to figure out our place in the world and "who" we should be. We felt the need to figure out our place in the world and our purpose. There was a fundamental uncertainty about our identity, and we were compelled to figure out what or who we were. That uncertainty made us uncomfortable. 

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