Transition Five Villages

Transition Five Villages (T5V) is a group of individuals working to promote local resilience in the areas of Energy, Food, Transportation, Housing and Community.  

It is well known that our dominant culture does not take place within the limits of what the natural world can support. Vastly accelerated rates of species extinction, the disruption of global weather patterns, and escalation of the planet's mean temperature are all signs and results of our rates of over consumption. If these trends continue, they may set in motion a chain of events which will disrupt another system: the globalized economy. For these reasons, modern America's dependency upon the global economy to provide for our necessities of food, energy, shelter, and a wide range of needed tools and implements puts us in an extremely vulnerable position.

Our awareness of this vulnerability carries with it great opportunity. Those actions that we would take to build stronger, more resilient local communities are the same actions that we would take to create grounded, inspired, connected and engaged lives. The conditions that lead to the health and strength of our local communities lead also to what we most desire, the conditions for our human happiness.

T5V works within the "five villages" of Hartford, Vermont to build:

* a general awareness of global trends and associated dangers

* connected local community
* the skills and systems needed to provide for our necessities at the local level.
* a conservative approach to the consumption of natural resources
We also celebrate and connect those initiatives already engaged in these efforts.

The ultimate goal of T5V is an energized and mutually supportive network of initiatives, projects and organizations that is integrated and working with the local government towards a common goal of a resilient Hartford Community. One step in moving towards this goal will take place in mid July of 2014 when T5V will host a major gathering of resiliency efforts.