Occupy the Upper Valley

Occupy the Upper Valley (OtUV) was formed in early December 2011 when a group of over a hundred enthusiastic people gathered for the first potluck and General Assembly (GA) at the Norwich Public Library. Several individuals who had been participating in Occupy Dartmouth demonstrations had begun to talk with the students about the possibility of expanding the movement to the wider community. They agreed to help facilitate our first GA and taught the new format and hand signals developed by Occupy Wall Street to run meetings where everyone is heard. Today OtUV continues as a diverse group of community organizers who bring a wide array of interests and organizing concerns. Perhaps the main thing that unifies the participants of OtUV is that they all share a commitment to each other, to their local community, and to the world.

Another thing that binds the OtUV community together is that they all believe something deep has gone wrong with this country, and they're all willing to take the chance that together we can make things a bit better. Upper Valley Occupiers come to meetings, discuss things until they become clearer, try to think outside the box—and work hard. Next potluck meeting is August 4th, 6:30 at CTP.